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CMP™ - Premium Knee Support Brace

£19.99 £39.99 saving £20.00
CMP™ - Premium Knee Support Brace

CMP™ - Premium Knee Support Brace

£19.99 £39.99 saving £20.00



NO MORE KNEE PAIN! Our #1 Best Selling Knee Support Brace will Effectively Cure Your Knees. 

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✔ Description: This Adjustable Knee Support Brace has been Specially Designed using Medical Grade Neoprene to Provide Extra Comfort and Additional Support to the Knee. It's Purpose is to Support an Injured Knee During Recovery and Relieve Pressure and Pain whilst giving free movement. This Knee support is ideal for Riding, Mountain Climbing, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Rugby, Track and Field and many other Sports. It will protect your Knee very comfortably from harm when you are doing vigorous exercises. In Summary, It is the Perfect Knee Support for you. 

Adjustable twin strap Hinged Stabilizing Knee Support medical grade neoprene to provide comfort and additional support to the knee. Its purpose is to support an injured knee during recovery and relieve pressure and pain whilst giving free movement. 

  • The knee support is manufactured using ventilating medical grade neoprene enabling ultimate comfort and support. 
  • The long lasting fabric allows tight contour to the knee to relieve pressure and pain. 
  • The neoprene gives excellent heat retention and the open patella design allows air flow. this prevents moisture build up. 
  • This support can be used during daily routines for support all day or as required. 
  • The knee support is slip on with two adjustable knee straps for tightness for your own suiting. 
  • Twin Hinged system with dual axial polycentric axial( plastic) hinges for excellent gliding action and lateral movement.

 Easy to Use: Our Knee Support Brace includes clear instructions and can be easily worn and used within just a matter of seconds - it is made from soft padded patella to provide full comfort.

 Premium Quality: Our Knee Support Brace is manufactured using High Quality Neoprene-Soft, Breathable, Lightweight Material which helps prevent any Injuries and Provide Pain Relief.

 Design: One Size Fits all ages and is Suitable for both Male & Females

 Lightweight and Breathable – Our Knee Support Brace is Easy to move around in and simple to use.


 Reduces Pain

Improves Blood Flow

 Improves Knee Health

 Reduces Fatigue

 Balances Weight

 Improves Leg Balance

 Improves Movement

 Easy & Simple to Use

 Keeps you Stable


  • Chondromalacia (irritated knee cap) 
  • Patellar tendon sprains 
  • Arthritic knee 
  • Conditions which require lateral (outside) and medial (inside) firmness 
  • Menisci (cartilage injury) 


Please measure around the circumference of the leg at the bottom of the thigh, just above the knee cap. If your measurement is falls in between then opt for the larger size. 

The measurements are noted on the (sizes) tab, on the top of the screen.

Please note branding may change but the product is the same product.


Once you Receive your order, you have 30-Days to try it out.  If you are not satisfied with our Knee Support Brace for any reason, Send it back to us using our Easy Returns & Refund Policy and we will refund you 100% of your purchase price. 


1 x Knee Brace/Knee Support/Leg Brace 
1 x Instruction

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